The distractions of life

Everyone has distractions from fitting in the run in their day or week. It might be the job or, more likely, the family and often things just crop up and you look like a nutter if you need to sneak out for a run.

My current distraction is likely to last the best part of nine months and thanks be to God it is not a new baby. After nearly 5 years in the planning we are starting to build the extension to our house. It isn’t just a bit of an extra kitchen but a complete doubling of the house. I will take more than 1 post to fill you in on that one.

Part of the big extension is that we have to move out of Chez Cronin for at least 6 months. What the family don’t realise about that is that I don’t know how I’ll get the runs in from the new temporary Chez Cronin.

Anyway, the past few days have been taken up with boxing up stuff that can’t be thrown out yet so that we can throw it out in 6 months after the storage costs have been paid. Part of this process is getting the temporary house into shape and being the sort of person who can’t pay someone to do what I think I can do I spent yesterday carpet shampooing (and tearing either an intercostal muscle or part of the pectoral) and hanging curtains (better at it than I ever thought).

I managed to get it the same run twice over the past 3 days. Once was a late at night and was nice and nippy.

The second was tonight and was during the second snow shower of the last 5 years. Snow in these here parts is, like a good fillet steak, pretty rare. Of course it was slow but for someone from Cork, running in the snow, at night, in a deserted city was as close to a spiritual experience as I’ve had in a long time.

Friday 8th January 2010

7.24 miles in 0:52:43 (avg 7:17/mile) at HR avg 155.

This was what the experts would call a progression run (the last bit was at 6:24 pace)

Sunday 10th January 2010

7:17 miles in the snow in  0:59:36 (avg 8:19/mile) at HR avg 142.

The only reason for going so gently was to enjoy the run (and the torn intercostal muscle). I can’t find my head torch at the moment but if I could I would have gone for a nice long 12 miler in the dark in the snow.

The joy of snow


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