Spare Rib

At the moment I have the following going on in my life:

  • My garage being demolished and an extension to my house starting.
  • The bank doing the opposite of handing out money to anyone who smiled at it.
  • A tribe of 3 kids who are oblivious to anything except making a mess.
  • A temporary house that is unfinished and will be as close to camping out under the stars as my family will have ever experienced.
  • A house move on the cards for the weekend.
  • Various builders, neighbours, family and so on questioning, demanding and generally pulling in every direction at once.

My normal antidote for this sort of stress is to sink a bottle of red wine and to go running (not in that order).

I have done ‘something’ to my chest that makes it almost impossible to cough, snort or breath deeply (all required for a clear lunged snot free run). My internal ER says I have cracked a rib but I have  probably tweaked a muscle. It doesn’t help that it is right above my heart so the stabbing pain gives me the effect of having a banger.

I am using all my will power not to go running tonight (and a drop of red wine) in the hope of clearing up the muscle tear/strain.

Recent running stats –

Tuesday 12th January 2010

7.14 miles in 0:56:03 (7:51/mile) at HR avg  148.

This was the opposite of a progression run. The pace started out nice and nippy but the chest pain and an inability to clear my chest meant the pace faded.

In the meantime I finally received one of my Chris Cringle presents and present for you some of my recent marathon photographs. I have culled them down to remove all the ones with me foot planting/heel striking and where the facial expression is the deranged side of commitment.

At around mile 16. Sponge in my pants

Finishing chute victory run

Mile 25.5. foot planting and the sponge is still in my pants


One response to “Spare Rib

  1. sounds like you’ve alot going on. You forgot to mention work!! Good luck with all – especially camping in this weather!! 🙂

    Take it easy with the rib/muscle. I broke a rib a few years back – very painful. Rest is always the best option.

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