Happy Birthday Tom

In the ‘Fast Show’ there used to be a character that came out of the toilet and said to the camera:

Recently I have mainly been eating parsnips.

Well recently I have been mainly moving house. The running in the last week did not break 10 miles in total but I did manage to deliver 9 trailer loads of sofas, beds and kids toys to a temporary home. I got the new home floored, curtain railed, heated and stocked with food.

It was all for naught though because I have not got the cable TV moved yet and my whole family is barely holding it together with out the morphine of CBBC to keep them doped up.

On top of all that my son (Tom) turned two. My only comment on him is that he would restore your faith in children as he is the best kid I own.

I am now living on the same side of the city as Grellan so I am hoping for some advice on good runs as the only one I have found so far isn’t even 4 miles.

My son Tom - the vampire


One response to “Happy Birthday Tom

  1. They say moving house is the most stressful thing you can do after getting married! Only stress cure is to down a few pints at your new local pub.

    I’m sure Grellan will have you out on a 20 miler before you can say “show me the way home” :]

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