Screw piles and urban running

These are two terms that have entered my vocabulary in the last week.

Screw piles are what you use when you don’t want to be robbed by the Range Rover driving contractor who normally does cement grout piles to hold something up. In my case I want to hold up the ground around the Austrian family home I am building in my back garden (a basement). They can be installed really easily and are half the price of grout piles. If Brendan and Grellan are reading this then I would recommend them.

Urban running is what you do when you think you have discovered a new route and find yourself trotting down the embankment of a motorway for a few miles as the amenity walk you were looking for suddenly disappears.

I found a pedestrian route from my new temporary house that takes me about 3 miles east parallel to the local city ring road (the N25). From the google maps site I thought there was a continuation of this route through an area known as the Black Ash (the old city dump).

There wasn’t.

I found myself in the dark and driving rain standing in an itinerant halting site staring at an Alsatian.  Normally I’d ask for directions but my in-tact ass was worth holding onto so I kept going until I ended up trotting along the motorway verge. Still it was a bit of an adventure.

My house extension is making progress in so much as the steel for the basement is being delivered tomorrow. The excavation of the basement is not going as fast. The reason is not complicated. The builder is not using enough resources. I have to adopt the squeaky wheel approach to the contractor on this one.

When I look at the photographs of the house before and after the start of the works I feel like I am at mile 23 of a marathon asking myself ‘why the f*&k are you doing this?’

Before the muck

Chateau Moi - before the works

The mess. It can't get worse.


2 responses to “Screw piles and urban running

  1. Screw pipes sound interesting – where’s the detail.

    I did some urban running in Douglas on Monday evening – not the most pleasant with rain, traffic and road junctions every 10m.

    Sounds like you’re near Bishopstown – there’s a nice route following the line of the Curraheen river from UCC Farm to Inchagaggin and onto the Straight Road – 3 mile of off road urban running (except for crossing the Model Farem Road at Inchagaggin).

  2. I’ll post some video if I ever get around to downloading it from the camera.

    I sent you ‘meditations from the breakdown lane’ this afternoon – to work. Enjoy

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