New Balance 1064

This post could have had plenty of more interesting titles but I decided on a pretty mundane running title. I normally run in the NB 106X series of shoes as they are neutral and offer cushioning. I am not a blob by any stretch but I find any thing with less cushioning gives me soreness somewhere. I have tried Asics and Saucony and all I get is blisters on the arches of my very wide feet.

Anyway, the 1061’s were great, the 1062’s looked like an orthopaedic prescription (style takes a back seat at NB!) but after a break in of about 50 miles they were excellent and durable.

The 1063’s were a bit of a hiccup. They were road ready out of the box (I did a marathon in a pair that had only about 20 miles on them) but they had all the external sole worn through after 200 miles. I sent the first pair back to NB at 399 miles and they gave me a free replacement but they were just as bad. I don’t think I got a pair further than 400 miles. I think NB knew about this problem because they had the 1064 in the shops in Nov/Dec of last year.

I took delivery of a pair from the nice people at last week and took them out today on the first dry run in a while. I decided to set off to explore a run Grellan had mentioned to me (this is his ‘hood) in a previous post. I is nearly all (4 of 6 miles) on amenity footpaths. All very nice except for the grafitti and empty beer cans but hey, it shows they can drink and colour in stuff!

They were road read immediately and I must say, I was impressed. They are a cross between the gimmicky 1063s and the orthopaedic 1062s. I was able to crank out a few handy miles at a tempo pace – 7:12, 7:10, 7:02, 7:16, 7:29, 7:24. The important thing about these miles is that the effort was easier and the last 2 were deliberate warm down miles.

6.29 miles in 00:45:45 avg 7:17/mile HR avg 162.

I just need to test them for durability now (next report in 184 miles).

1064 on the left 1063 on the right

L-R 1064, 1063 - Not that I heel strike

1063, 1064 I washed these, you know.

I got a hill session in on 21st January in the pouring rain. One of those runs where you are constantly stopping to have a piss, adjust your flimsy running jacket and being soaked through by mile 2. I kept forgetting to stop the watch for the piss stops so the time includes some 9 minute miles.

At the top of the hill session I came across a lonely policeman (Garda) standing in the pouring rain earning his overtime and bonuses. He was manning a checkpoint because one of my new neighbours had gone and gotten himself assassinated in some sort of drug feud. The hitman had abandoned his getaway ‘van’ here and burned it out. All very exciting stuff. As it turned out I knew the Garda. He was a year behind me in secondary school and was good friends with my brother. He admitted that the levels of sympathy for the deceased were not high among his colleagues. I suspect they are annoyed because now it will show up as an unsolved case for them. (not that I am cynical or work in a target orientated public service job or anything).

7.49 miles in 1:03:54 – this included a long chat with the Garda.  There were a couple of sub-7:30 miles in there.

On other news the ‘big dig’ is progressing with lots of interest from all (I am waiting for the dirty letter from one of my nieighbours). In the photograph of the big did you can see that my neighbour is also carrying out an extension at the same time and has one of those builders who believes in the power of concrete blocks to hang in free air (notice the lack of Acro propping.

The big dig - only 4 feet to go)

The big dig - where's the buried treasure?


3 responses to “New Balance 1064

  1. Got the book – thanks. I could have picked it up. Are you running Dungarvan next Sunday?

    I only ever did that run once. You’re certainly putting in some decent pace runs.

    • I haven’t entered Dungarvan and I think I’ve missed the deadline. It is my birthday so I think there is food + booze planned for the previous night so it would not be much fun. I heard a rumour that Mallow was the following sunday. That might hit the spot. I did Dungarvan once and it is pretty flat but if my memory serves me there is a bit of a climb from miles 8 – 9.5 (on the N25) so the legs can feel like lead if the tank is running empty.

      I’d say you’ll enjoy the book. It shows you what a positive mental attitude to a task can achieve.

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