Bigger than Christmas?

The story goes as follows:

Long long ago in a land far far away a boy child was born that restored mankind’s faith in the future of the human race. He was blue-eyed, placid and blond-haired.

He grew up to be kind and courteous and always put the needs of others before his own.

Thats the story my mother tells anyway.

I think the reality is that 39 years ago on this day Richard Cronin and Marietta Cronin had the second of their 6 children, a boy.

Called Richard.

They had had a testing time of it with their first-born, my older sister Evelyn, so anything from triplets to a monkey would have restored their faith in children.

I remember as a kid that if you told the teacher that it was your birthday you got your homework off for the day (and the birthday bumps in the school yard – now, no doubt, outlawed by the H+S nazis). Since I started working I have always taken my birthday off work. The idea of sitting at your desk working for The Man on the biggest day of your life seemed unnatural. You don’t work on Christmas day (unless you are a fireman in south London) so why should you work on your birthday? (today is sunday so I’ll have to wait for my  40th to take the day off.

Today there is a (reasonably) local 10 mile race on. I thought about it and then decided that I was going to skip it.

I have fed my kids ice cream for breakfast. I’ll have a nice 8 miler sometime today and will have rice crispie cakes and wine for my tea.

Whatever you do today, enjoy it as the last day of January, the eve of Spring, the end of the toughest month of the year and most of all, enjoy it as my birthday! I know I will.

Time to take the ice-cream off the kids.

1972 - being man handled by my granny


4 responses to “Bigger than Christmas?

  1. Lol! Good for you! Happy birthday. I work birthday’s as well as Christmas….grouch, grump, ets etc

  2. Happy Birthday.

    I never work on my Birthday and don’ have to tak it off either.

  3. belated – happy brithday

  4. How’s the ankle?

    any improvements?

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