The biggest problem with this running lark is the eating.

Too much before a run and you are carrying lead around with you or getting stomach cramps. Too little and you bonk.

Then there are food types. Not too much protein, easy on the fat, lots of complex carbs.

And then there are opinions – take gels, eat gummie bears, drink isotonic drinks, run on water, take a carb/protein mix, eat beans, and so on.

I have found two foods that work for me:

On a really long run (20 miles+)  I like nothing more than a king size mars bar dunked into a 4 sugar milky coffee – wouldn’t touch them otherwise.

The other food I have discovered in the past 2 years is chocolate covered espresso beans. These are like viagra.

It’s 5:00pm and you are a bit hungry but you want to throw in a quality run – say a bit of a tempo 6 miler. A handful of chocolate covered coffee beans and you are out the gap and tearing down the road.

This isn’t rocket science and the ultra guys use them all the time but they have two benefits:

They aren’t overly sugary and they can be gobbled down before or during a run.

Great stuff.

Viagra for endurance running?

Don’t start me on the drinks. Why can’t wine or Guinness or cider be of any benefit just before a run?


2 responses to “Nutrition?

  1. Might try those. Read about Dean Karnazes and Topher Gaylord using them.

  2. A king size Mars bar dunked into a 4 sugar milky coffee – oh man, what are you doing to me!

    I’ve already finished my long run, but surely I can re-fuel with that stuff, now that you started my cravings?

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