Good but no cigar

I know I haven’t had the most consistent month of running in my life. In fact I reckon that I’ve had one of the worst Januarys on record (moving house didn’t help).  Still, I lined up at the start of today’s Mallow 10 miler thinking that the combination low mileage, no speed work, plenty of red wine and a hectic non-running life would all gel to give me 10 consistent sub-7 minute miles.

The weather was perfect for a spring 10 mile race. Cold and windy, but dry. I guessed somewhere between 400 – 600 lined up at the start but to be honest, I wasn’t counting.

As the gun went, all the fun runners who had lined up at the start got nudged out of the way. That gets me every time. I know I’m not the fastest but I always line up where I think I should be.

Anyway, I don’t intend to give you the mile by mile , blow by blow account of the race. This is mainly because I can’t remember most of it. The first 4 miles were all sub-7.00 minute miles which made me think my lazy approach to training was going well. Then I realised that I had 6 more of these to go and the rot set it. The miles started to creep up over the 7:00 minute mark (I did manage to keep the all under 7:25). It was one of those races where you try and concentrate on the ass of the girl who has just run past you and as she disappears you start concentrating on the ass of the guy in front of you.  You end up just concentrating on the yellow line at the edge of the road.

The last half mile was one of those ones where you have to run down the shoulder of a dual carriageway and the finishing line seems to stay permanently fixed on the horizon. I made a bit of a lunge for the end in the last 200m and caught one or two who had been taunting me with their disappearing asses for the previous 3 miles.

I finished it in 1:11:00 dead (avg 7:05/m) which is a fair reflection of my training and general fitness at the moment. I have gone faster and will in the future but as someone famous once said (I’m guessing) the winning is not done at the finishing line but rather on the training ground – a place I have been avoiding.

Ma Famille. Maybe this should be training, porridge, lucozade?


9 responses to “Good but no cigar

  1. 1:11 sounds good to me, mate.

  2. well done Richard… as you said without the proper training. Sound like you were a bit ‘distracted’ during the race though!! 🙂

  3. Ohh also … like the photo… I didn’t realise that they sold ‘love’ in Mallow no wonder you were distracted!!!

  4. Thanks, I should have said my best was 1:07:45 but that was when I was more ‘focused’. The photo is not from Mallow but from Cafe Gusto on Washington St. – a place I like to sit and waste my time.

  5. I know it couldn’t have been in Mallow!! 🙂

  6. Thats a pretty good time for a builder who likes to sit on his ass drinking red wine :]
    At least you got your value for money worth out of the race as you were able to enjoy your race a lot lomger than the guy who won it!

  7. Great stuff! The photo I mean, the race wasn’t quite that great … If you ever start concentrating on the ass of the guy on front of you, you know things aren’t going to plan.

  8. When the pace starts to creep up you know you’ve gone out too fast. Or was it a subconscious reaction to the realisation that there were 6 miles left.

    It’s all about even pacing for the longer races. Knowing the pace is the tricky bit.

    • The pace was more or less what I thought but when the first mile goes by quickly you start to believe your own marketing! There is that great debate about going out hard and holding on and leaving nothing behind or the even paced approach that might see you finish comfortably.

      The 5k in beaumont on Sunday might be the next test if I can hold back on the beer this weekend.

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