A box of Biarritz and an orchid

Back when I was a little boy there was a ritual where you asked the girl to the ball (she said yes), rented a cheap tuxedo, bought a box of classy chocolates and an orchid and swung around to her house to take her to the ball (she was dressed like a refugee from dynasty/new romance MTV video). My chocolates of choice were Cadbury’s Biarritz – A marketing success –  the Miami Vice of sweets- Barry Manilow lyrics and a cool tag line – ‘strange things happen in the blue triangle‘. How could I fail with this behind me?

Fast forward 20 years and there I am sitting at my desk and the phone rings, a nervous voiced gentleman clears his throat and asks me if I’m doing anything on Friday night. I confessed that apart from the normal web surfing and bottle of wine I had nothing on. He then goes on to ask me if I wanted to go to the ball with him. I agreed to go and wasted the rest of the day dreaming  of my orchid and my box of biarritz chocolates.

Friday comes around, the car pulls up, a well dressed young man gets out and try as I might I couldn’t see the orchid or the chocolates. The rest of the evening was just going through the motions – smiling and giggling, but without the blue triangle he was getting nowhere.

Apart from that I had a 40th (Happy Birthday Eoghan)  to squeeze in between a 2nd birthday (Happy Birthday Matthew) and drinks with my wife my sister & brother-in-law yesterday. The 5:00pm start to the drinking and the long evening of exotic beer out of funny glasses, coupled with a son who is ready to go at 6:00am every morning meant that today was never going to see me take to the line in the local 5k cross country.  I wasn’t a total write-off though.

I had a reasonable weeks running since my wake-up call last Sunday.

  • Monday 4.02 miles – recovery – 00:32:29 (8:05 avg pace) 140 HR
  • Tuesday 6.38 miles – more recovery – 00:50:33 (7:55 avg pace) 144 HR
  • Thursday 6:10 miles – 00:45:59 (7:32 avg pace) 154 HR
  • Friday 6.01 miles – 00:47:39 (7:56 avg pace) 149 HR – all on grass with the brother-in-law – first grass running
  • Sunday 11:49 miles 1:27:49 (7:39 avg pace) 155 HR – 6 miles on grass – might try the barefoot running thing if I keep going on the grass.

Next week sees the start of lent and 40 days off the drink – The first 10 days are the hardest – Your liver is wondering what to do in the evening. the up-side is the running gets faster.


One response to “A box of Biarritz and an orchid

  1. Course I was nervous, It’s not every day I invite another guy out on a date. I thought it was your turn to bring the Barritz.

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