Engine or transmission?

The first sign that you know you are injured (from running) is the fact that you are in denial.

we have a saying around here- well, I do anyway –   that goes ‘ De Nile is not a river in Egypt’ (you need to know the Cork accent) and that is surely true of me today.

Last summer I thought I had done bad things to my quads after a ‘Chariots of Fire’ sprint at the end of a 10k race. After lots of De Nile I went to my physio (Martin and his magic hands) who explained to me as only he can that it was my dodgy biomechanics showing up in my ilio-sacral joint (where your spine and pelvis meet at the end of your back).  A few sessions on the table and I was released from my prison of pain.

And now it’s back.

I had another ‘Chariots of Fire’ moment at the end of the 10 miler a few weeks ago and since then I have had a sneaking suspicion that the problem is back with a twinge where the hamstring and glute meet (top of leg, bottom of ass).

During a 9 miler this morning I noticed that for a pretty pedestrian pace (8min+ per mile) I was revving the engine at 157HR. This, even by my standards, was too high – It looks like the clutch was gone – lots of engine noise and no forward progress.

the same thing happened last summer and I thought it was because I had become un-fit (despite no drop in mileage). The trip to the physio cured it then as opposed to rest which I  thought would have been the case if I had over trained.

Rather than do the sensible thing (book an appointment with the physio) straight away I’ll give it until the start of next week. By then the De Nile phase will be completely over.


One response to “Engine or transmission?

  1. hope it’s not an injury. may just be an off day. all that construction etc can’t be helping and is bound to be adding to the elevated heartrate!

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