Barefoot and throne aesthetics

Until I see the physio I will be taking it easy – that’s to say that I’ll run every other day rather than at every opportunity. I know from the last time the remedy was pretty quick but I ran on the injury for too long and that made all of last summer’s races a pain-fest where you could run a decent time (for me) but couldn’t even do a warm down.

To ease the impact recently I’ve been running on grass which has got me thinking about the whole barefoot thing (I’m a heel striker). As a kid I used to run competitvly and mainly on grass. A combination of poverty and my parents being afraid we’d jack it in too soon (we stayed at it for 6 years until we were 14 or 15 and hormones gave others an advantage) meant we all ran in our bare feet. There was no debate or anything about it- we even ran on synthetic tracks in our bare feet. Running on grass in neutral cushioning shoes seems more difficult than it should be. I feel like some twit with a range rover stuck in traffic who has just popped out for a pint of milk – it would have been easier to leave the car behind. At the same time, I don’t think I have the physiology or the patience to redevelop a new set of muscles.

I stumbled across this article from the boys at science in sport last week as well which made me think I am on the right track, that is: ok in moderation.

The paper they review was part financed by vibram – still – a good paper in itself.

Apart from the running things are ticking over reasonably. The bank have finally given us the money for the house extension – and my solicitor has chucked a bucket of spanners into the whole thing – a minor issue about a sewer-! I’ve had a week of staring into a financial and personal abyss where visions of no money and no home have haunted me ( i had lost the plot with the solicitor).

Still the critical basement walls were poured today so the vision of my neighbour’s house falling into the hole is receeding (to the benefit of my mental health).

Now all I have to do is work my way through the web of kitchen con men and toilet charlatans (you can actually buy a shitter for €1,000 – and you still have to wipe your own ass) and I’m home free.

Has anyone reading this post ever had a serious conversation with anybody about the aesthetics of a throne? My only conversations about it have been with my german and Dutch friends who have the viewing platter to lay the cable onto before sending Mr. Brown to the coast. And you risk scuffing your knuckles if you wipe forward. All very technical. No aersthetics.


4 responses to “Barefoot and throne aesthetics

  1. I had one of the loos you refer to when I lived in Germany. Very good for doing a Gillian McKeith inspired, post number two examination before sending the log on its way.

    • Yea, but the smell must be a bit off-putting as you read the TLS.

      I read your ghost story to my 7 & 4 year olds. They were impressed. They want to meet ‘this dave’ when they’re next in London. My wife gave me withering looks.

  2. I think the children might be rather unimpressed on meeting and your wife wearing a garlic bulb necklace and clutching a crucifix!

  3. Oh man, thanks for making me read this during my lunch break!

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