Does this happen to anyone else?

On 80% of all my runs, whether they be 30 minute jaunts or 24 mile LSRs, I run into the same problem/experience between miles 3 and 4. I generally have what I would describe as a mild bonk at some point between 3 and 4 miles. This can take the effect of the pace dropping off a cliff or the HR shooting up or the classic sugar low with the light headedness that it brings. If I slow down or stop for a minute and re-start the whole thing passes and the run resumes. The rest of the run will pass with more ease and feel more comfortable – irrespective of distance. If I don’t slow down or stop I just end up having an uncomfortable run for the next few miles.

Initially I thought that this was because I was getting the nutrition wrong and then I thought it was because I was stretching my diaphragm and the ‘perceived effort’ was causing it. Now I think it has something to do with switching from blood sugar to liver sugar (glycogen being the correct term, I think) and there being a lull as the reserve the fuel comes along . Still, I’m not sure and haven’t heard anybody else talk about this. You’d think you’d get more than 3 miles from a full tank of blood sugar.

I haven’t gone to the physio yet as a bit of a recovery last week made me think that De Nile could last a bit longer.

Thurs 18th Feb 6.88 miles in 00:50:14 (avg 7:14/mile) 160bpm

Sat 20th Feb 7.27 miles of hills in 00:56:13 (avg 7:27/mile) 158bpm

Sun 21st Feb 9.86 miles gent jog with the brother-in-law putting the world to rights in 1:23:17 (avg 8:27/mile) 145bpm

Tuesday 23rd Feb 9:01miles in 1:08:08 (avg 7:34/mile) 154bpm

On the house front the second home for my illegitimate family(the basement) is coming along at a steady rate . The base and two walls have been poured and the other walls are due to be poured this week. For any engineers out there the big problem with a basement is waterproofing the thing. The ground around the house is pretty free draining and when the hole was excavated there was no standing water in it. To control the water (to stop the basement box floating) there are a series of under slab land drains that will drain to a sump with a little submersible pump that will pump to the sewer. The walls couldn’t be waterproofed in the conventional way because of access problems behind the walls so we’ve gone for concrete with a waterproof admixture added. This (boring bit coming) consists of a super plasticiser and a crack inhibitor in the concrete. I haven’t seen the walls yet but honeycombing will lead to air being sucked through teeth (mine) and lots of data sheets for injectable resins (from the contractor). I’ve build bigger and more has gone wrong but this is my money so I am a little more anxious. I am carrying this worry while being asked questions about kitchen door handles – which I am trying (and failing) to show an interest in.


Bring on the nuclear winter!

At the end of every rainbow lies....a convent full of old nuns - the view from my front gate


2 responses to “Does this happen to anyone else?

  1. I used to experience a different variation on your 3 mile slump whereby it would take up to 3 miles on some runs to begin feeling comfortable. I put it down to a conbination of warming up and digesting whatever I put in my stomach in the half hour before – that could be the link , do you eat before your runs and if so try leaving a longer gap.

    I am interested to see/hear how your waterproofing turns out, there’s nothing like a pilot project.

    I have finished Shapiro’s book and will drop it over to your temporary abode, when passing.

  2. I normally leave at least an hour between eating and running and I always know when I have packed too much food in as I get a stitch that can slow things down to a trot for a few miles.

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