If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

When I was in school you had to memorise shed loads of poetry (in English, Irish and Latin). The only use I have ever been able to put this to is yapping on when drunk (and even that is getting rarer and rarer). The other thing about it is that the poems you remember aren’t even the best ones that make you look witty and erudite. Anyway, as we come to the end of two of the shittiest months of the year I am reminded of Mr. Shelley and his love affair with the west wind:

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Spring is finally starting here which is like a dose of selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors to the world. It’s amazing what daylight until 18:30 can do for you.

Anyway, that’s the end of January and February. Only 2 weeks to Lá Feile Padraig and then it is a 2 week hop to summer time (clocks) and then easter eggs and then May Day and then we’re free!

On the social front I had a 2 pub engagement last night while being sober. I’ve realised that drink was invented to make pubs interesting. Otherwise it’s just lots of people sitting around shouting and farting. I feel like Homer Simpson when he gave up drink for a month (the marking off the days of the month).

On the running front the report card must be reading steady progress. The dickey hip is still there but settling down and if I take 2 days off a week it seems to be behaving itself.

Wednesday 24th Feb 3.85 miles in 0:29:48 (7:44/mile) 158bpm – first run with a rucksack. I had to go to a nephew’s 4th birthday party and had to bring my 4 year old’s ‘laptop’ to the party.

Friday 26th Feb 8.04 miles in 00:59:07 (7:21/mile) 157bpm – On the wexford south slobs – nothing but a biting wind and an huge empty landscape.

Saturday 27th Feb 7.59 miles in 00:55:46 (7:21/mile) 164bpm – this was the weekly hill session. Some of these hills are an 8:00min/mile slog and others are a 6:30min/mile free wheel down. Mainly a strength session

Sunday 28th Feb 14.01 miles in 1:50:24 (7:53/mile )150bpm – this was a combination of OCD -get the mileage up for the month and the start of a few LSRs for a June marathon. This was at night (just back) and was everything a LSR should be – nice easy pace.

Spring - 2009 Durrow Co. Laois - I had stopped for a piss and found this woodland floor of bluebells


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