Basement Jacks

Not much running since the last post. Just back from a late night 5.5 miler that went better than expected – another way of saying the pace per mile versus heart rate was looking good.

5.46 miles in 00:41:11 (7:33min/mile)  153bpm. all under street lights and a combination of flat and hills.

My epic house extension project, mis-adventure is finally starting to take shape and not look like a totally stupid idea. The basement is finally starting to not look like a  mess and once the foundations go in for the rest of the extension the physical build should only take 3 weeks…..followed by about 6 months of fannying about by me as I decide loads of ridiculous details – light switches from Germany, windows from Austria, floors and kitchen from God knows where (money will be an abstract concept by then).

In this part of the world the local word for the toilet or loo or W.C. is the jacks. As in, ‘hang on a sec, I must just go to the jacks’.

hence my effort at a witty blog post title.

Basement Jacks

The garden needs a bit of landscaping


One response to “Basement Jacks

  1. A fine blog title in these parts my friend!

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