Good luck Grellan

Grellan is



more dedicated to running

than me.

His training normally goes like this:

Very structured base & build phase phase with me reading his blog and amazing at his low HR and high pace.

Some training runs that would beat my best race times hands down.

About 3 to 4 weeks out from his target race he gets a niggle and the following blog posts are like a soap opera of ‘will he/won’t he’ and then there is the long wait for the post race report.

He is currently sitting in his hotel room in Barcelona waiting to take the line tomorrow for the Barcelona Marathon.

Good Luck Grellan.

My running –

Wednesday 3rd March 8.00 miles in 00:59:52 (7:29/mile) 149BPM

Thursday 4th March 6.41 miles in 00:48:52 (7:37/mile) 148BPM – felt harder


One response to “Good luck Grellan

  1. Cheers Richard. Three men sharing a hotel room for two nights can be as tough as any marathon.

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