Trampolines and sick kids

There hasn’t been much in the way of running since my post about my bad map reading in Offaly. This is mainly down to a head cold I had. Of my 3 geniuses the youngest is costing a fortune as the doctor decides what’s wrong with him in instalments. Currently he has a virus which means you get to pay the doctor but you get no drugs. If anybody knows what virus causes the skin around your eyes to go red I’ll send you €50 in the post. The eldest has tonsils like ping pong balls (same size and colour). It only cost €60 to have some part time doctor tell me I needed some augmenten for her. (gotta buy shares in that company).

tuesday 9th March 3.7 miles in 00:29:13 (7:54/mile) 148 bpm

Wednesday 10th March 11.80 miles in 1:28:18 (7:28/mile) 152bpm + head cold

Friday 12th March- about 4 miles in about 30 mins – no HR strap no GPS

Sunday 14th March 14.06 miles in 1:44:56 (7:28/mile) 153 bpm

That last run is 5 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago and there was a 7:06 and a 6:57 for the last 2 miles as well.

I spent this morning moving the kids trampoline from our building site house to their cousins’ house (just around the corner). this was a simple exercise in theory but walking through suburbia on a Sunday morning while chatting to the local nuns about the weather with a trampoline across your back was a skill I didn’t realise I had.

The house extension is coming along in leaps and bounds (even though the photos below could be entered in one of those ‘spot the difference’ competitions). The roof slab for the basement and the floor slab for the extension are due to be poured next week (that said, the steel fixer announced last Thursday that he was going to Cheltenham on Tuesday) – For anybody reading this who is either not Irish or not into horse racing you just need to google it or wikipedia it  to realise that this may have a major impact on the completion of the project.

Formwork for roof slab and ground slab get ready

See that trampoline in the backbround? big, isn't it?


2 responses to “Trampolines and sick kids

  1. Geez you pay for a doctor!!!
    Ha, ha, the outside bathroom is cool :]

  2. Not bad running with a trampoline on your back. Did you up the pace to get away from the nuns?

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