ManShed decisions

Some regular readers (all 4 of you) might have picked up on the extension we’re doing to our house.

All the conversations recently have been about what kitchen, fireplace, windows, bath and whatever you’re having yourself we should have. Like most men who have been at the marriage game for a fair while you learn to get ‘involved’ with these conversations like the elite runner who agrees to go on a tempo run with you – he’s there but not really there – if you know what I mean.

What has only recently been discussed is the most important part of the extension – the ManShed. I gave up my garage – home to various useless tools, bicycles, things that need ‘2-stroke’ and so on for the extension so I am expecting a replacement. I raised this with Finola who listened to my  plans and ideas and then said – what’s wrong with a timber garden shed? I felt like Winston Smith from 1984 – nobody was going to make a number out of me! Anyway, the shed idea had to go back on the simmer

About 2 weeks ago I was off for a lunchtime run in Wexford and was about 5 miles from nowhere when I came across the perfect ManShed. Simple yet elegant, old yet timeless – and most importantly – I reckon it would be easy to build and cheap into the mix.

what do you think?

A bit too retro?

I’d panel it out so it would be warm enough to hide out in.

retro shed idea

retro shed idea

look good in magnolia?

Need's a bit of work

Running since Sunday has just been 6 miles. This is the ‘recovery week’ until the Marathon in June.


One response to “ManShed decisions

  1. Yeah nice shed, just needs a ‘few’ details and remove that horse first before you more in :]

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