Off to visit the Von Trapps


The running over the last week has been going from bad to better. I have entered the Cork City Marathon – my local one – and have decided that I’d better cobble together a plan for it. It’s on on the 7th June so that gives me about 9 or 10 weeks to get things together. I have too much going on in my life at the moment to develop a new training plan that will get me down to a BQ time or anything ambitious like that. As well as that, this marathon has suffered (as have I) from exceptionally warm race days for the past 3 years so I feel a bit reluctant to commit massive amounts of time to becoming super sharp and then melting like a kid’s 99 at the beach on race day. I think my goal will be to do the race as comfortably as possible if it’s warm and to push a better pace if it’s anyway cool. I can then spend my summer training in the heat for Dublin in later October – Train warm and run cold – always leads to better results.

I already have a base of about somewhere between 35 – 42 miles per week going at the moment with a long run of 14 miles and this should be a decent base on which to build a bit of endurance. I reckon that a 5 – 6 day regime will be possible with 1x hills (7.5 miles), 1X LSR (12 – 24 miles), 2 x recovery (8 miles each) & 1 x interval or tempo (4 – 6 miles) this will give me a day or 2 of rest. I cycle to work every day so I won’t just be sitting on the sofa sucking beers on the days off. I have stretched this up to 55 miles before but I then start to stray into the injury zone and that ruins everything.

I think I’ll start with a few weeks of building up the engine and doing everything (well, the tempo/intervals might be hard to do) at sub-150bpm. This will give me a chance to adjust the legs to the mileage and to increase the CV system. I will have a better idea of a realistic marathon pace after a few weeks of this and I might target a half marathon before the marathon to test out the target pace.

To track the progress I think I’d better come up with some sort of weekly summary so I can see if things are going well or not. This will give people with more experience (read commitment and speed) to give out to me.

Anyway, onto the meat of the post: My trip to the land of the Rubbish Marathon Runner.

As part of my house extension I need windows – something to do with the building regulations!

I have searched high and low for windows and they seem to fall into about 3 categories:

  1. uPVC white double glazing
  2. Timber Alu-Clad double glazing – normally sourced in Scandinavia or the Baltic states.
  3. Aluminium double glazing – think modern apartment block.

Of course, these don’t satisfy me so I went trawling the web and the world for something else. And this lead me to the land of Lederhosen


They have a small company that manufactures windows that are timber framed on the inside and clear glass on the outside with no frame. This was exactly what I’d been looking for and since I found them last June I have been having a discrete  e-mail relationship with a man in Austria called Markus and we are finally going to meet next week. He is the man in  the window factory who has flogged me my fancy windows. I don’t need to meet him but Ryanair have made it possible so why not?

Anyway, Thomas, if you have any tips on how to speak Austrian you might let me know ; )


2 responses to “Off to visit the Von Trapps

  1. No Problem.

    Don’t expect Lederhosen.
    Don’t expect singing families coming over the mountains,
    And most of all, whatever you do, do NOT call them Germans, under no circumstances whatsoever.

    Apart from that, you’ll be perfectly fine.

    And the word for “cheers” is “prost”. What else could you possibly need?

    • It sounds like Ireland/Canada/new Zealand/Finland so!

      I have survived in german speaking worlds before so I am fluent in pidgin german; beer, bread, hello, thanks, good day, excuse me.

      Thanks for the tourist tips though.

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