Great bit of running

Yesterday was a great day for running -both the weather and the performances.

Grellan & Thomas & co. seem to have found the Connemara furnace to their liking with two amazing sub-5:30 performances.

In international running Cork scored a win in the person of Cathal O’Connell at the Rotterdam Marathon  (M45) – 2:34:11. Cathal is an amazing runner and often always trots past me in local races as I am panting along in the red zone.

My own claim to yesterday was that I completed a 16 miler at the lowest HR ever (for the pace).  knocked out a 2:05 16 miler (7:50 pace) at 144 HR.

Last weeks running was (5th April 2010 – 11th April 2010) – 56.22 miles in 5 runs.

I know it seems like a big jump from the previous week but that is only because alcohol poisoning had forced me to push my Easter Sunday run onto Easter Monday. Otherwise the weekly total would have been closer to a more manageable 40 miles.

5/4/2010 16.13 miles in 2:07:48 (7:55min/mile) 152HR avg

7/4/2010 8.46 miles in 1:08:58 (8:09 min/mile) 149HR avg

9/4/12010 8.03 miles in 1:01:08 (7:37min/mile) – No HR data

10/4/2010 7.59 miles in 1:00:40 (8:00min/mile 148HR avg – Hills

11/4/2010 16.01 miles in 2:05:25 (7:50min/mile) 144HR avg

The big things to take from this week are the lower HR and improved times on the 16 mile loop (they are the same distance despite what the Garmin records) and the lowering of the hill session by 2 minutes for the same HR (more or less).

Now, if I could keep this up I’d have a great marathon at the start of June and a great summer of recreational running. What will really happen is that I’ll get injured or pick up a virus or over train (by my standards!) and end up doing 8:00 miles at 175HR for the marathon and then have a long summer of ‘what if’s’.

Anyway, at least the running is enjoyable right now and if I have learned anything (and I probably haven’t) it is to enjoy the present because you don’t realise you are at the top until you are on the way down.


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