Citroen 2CV or the Pig or Rabbit

3 of a kind

I was ‘minding’ my kids this morning – this involves us listening to Gorillaz in the car, drinking coffee and eating muffins, buying a vintage shirt, buying recovery drink powder and compression socks and getting my hair cut – good dad stuff generally.

As I parked our anonymous people carrier I spotted 4 French registered 2CVs parked up. 3 of them in a row. I dragged the kids over to see the cars – they were all completely underwhelmed.

Not that I ever want to own a 2CV but what this photograph symbolises to me is that a group of friends had an idea, they planned it, met up and had drinks about it, convinced their wives it was a good idea (the Irish have shops or some other sort of lady lie) and finally they went off on their adventure….in 4 2CVs –

That is what life is all about.

Later, when we got home and after the obligatory run I was passing my son’s room. He had set up a pig and a rabbit to talk to each other.

Rabbit or the Pig?

Which would you choose – the rabbit or the pig?

I decided the pig is your buddy – it just seems like that to my sick mind.

What sort of sandwich would that make?


One response to “Citroen 2CV or the Pig or Rabbit

  1. Abina’s first car was 2CV – not unlike the near one.

    The last photo reminds me that we must get the dogs neutered.

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