Dedication to your sport

Today was another quality day for the kids with their dad. I have started doing my long runs after tea on a Sunday so I try and take things easy for the afternoon.

I had to mind the 2 youngest ones so I had to work out what they wanted to do: read the paper? Not likely. They have been wandering about the house with their swim suits over their clothes but I didn’t pick up on that one.

Instead we jumped in the car and took a short spin to watch the west cork motorcycle club drag race ( on a road built by their mum – as I kept reminding them).

I had swung this by promising them a 99 ice cream cone each. So when we got there we had to have pit stop at the ice cream van. I don’t know what was wrong with the hearing of the guy in the Mr. Floppy van but when I said ‘2 kid’s Small 99’s’ he must have heard ‘2 double deluxe 99’s’. The things were 6 inches tall! The one tissue he gave me for each of the cones was like giving someone with a dose of the shits a single sheet of single ply bog roll. All I can say is that a 2 year old does not have the motor skills required to keep a 6 inch 99 off his face, coat, hands, hair, pants -you get the picture. I even found bits of uneaten flake in his nappy later.

Anyway – the purpose of this post: dedication to you sport.

I like to think that runners show a dedication to their sport. And the further you run the more dedication you show would be a fair equation. To the non runner the word dedication could be swapped with obsession or abandonment of you faculties of reason.

In motorcycle drag racing there are categories that range from A to G. A being the (relatively) soft totally stock low capacity bikes and G being nitrous burning funny bikes. Funny is the wrong word. I’ve owned very fast bikes, gone very fast on them and even experienced the joys of the Irish emergency services having used my head, shoulder and ass to dismount at speed. To ride (hold on for dear life) a nitrous stretched lowered turboed Suzuki Hayabusa is not funny. But these guys are dedicated.

I was pointing out the exotica to my kids when I noticed one of the very dedicated guys walked with a bad limp (probably his IT band) but also held his arm strangely. Then I spotted it: he only had one hand. The missing hand had a prosthetic blank. I didn’t bother telling the kids that it was his throttle hand. In all likelihood he lost the hand the same time he picked up the limp.

Drag racing a 600bhp motorbike with only one hand is dedication to your sport.

Remember that the next time you get a blister.

H'armless Craig Racing

Smoking next to a nitrous motorbike?


2 responses to “Dedication to your sport

  1. he seems almost crazy enough to run an ultra !

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