How much I ran last week

Last weeks running was (12th April 2010 – 18th April 2010) – 48.13 miles in 5 runs.

This is more or less my manageable limit without becoming totally crocked. As I type this my right hip is wondering how much tighter it can get. It isn’t helping that the NB1064s are at their limit either (new ones on order).

13/4/2010 8.05 miles in 1:02:56 (7:49min/mile) 149HR avg

15/4/2010 6.45 miles in 50:42:39 (7:52 min/mile) 147HR avg

16/4/12010 8.03 miles in 1:02:38 (7:48min/mile) – 147HR avg

17/4/2010 7.59 miles in 1:00:21 (7:57min/mile) 148HR avg – Hills

18/4/2010 18.01 miles in 2:24:06 (8:00min/mile) 144HR avg – some of yesterday’s hills

I bought a pair of compression recovery socks as well and apart from looking like a BDSM merchant in the bedroom they seem to be doing the trick – they do leave a bit of an elastic mark around the bottom of the knee though.

Like last week, the running has been very enjoyable for the most part. I would happily clock a crap  marathon time if I could have enjoyable training like this in every training cycle.

Marathon is about 7 weeks away.


One response to “How much I ran last week

  1. The missus tried to make me promise never to wear compression socks in public. Mind, she doesn’t exactly like them in private either.

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