New Balance 1064 – Pair#1 452 miles

This was going to be saved as a mid-week post but it would give the impression of there being a strategy to this blog.

The first pair of New Balance 1064s have been retired to ‘gardening leave’ so I might as well give a bit of feedback on them.

In January I welcomed the arrival of the replacements for the 1063s which had the staying power of an under age drinker. All gone after 200 miles.

Their successors have proved their worth in that respect anyway – I got 452 miles and almost 3months to the day out of them. I’ve heard all the advice about running for 1000km or 500 miles in the shoes but I generally keep going in them until an injury flairs up.  This time it was the sacroiliac joint so I broke out the credit card and picked up a pair at

To set the context, I’ve been  in NB106xs for the last 4 years (1061s – 1064s), I do somewhere between 1200 and 2000 miles a year and am generally middle of the pack (3:20 marathon, 67 min 10 mile). I am 39, run exclusively on paved surfaces and tip the scales somewhere around 75-76kg (168lb) – about 12 stone.

Anyway: My impressions of them.

They are a vast improvement on the 1063s, they have about 75% of the durability of the 1062s but are ready out of the box. I have a wide-ish foot which means that the arch isn’t too high but these work with an off-the-shelf insole in them (something like a superfeet green). I’ve tried all the other brands but I’ve learned that blistering is not normal and just means your shoes don’t fit.

The plush ride does mean that it takes about 100 miles to ‘feel’ the road. I wouldn’t be too worried about that though as racing flats are what you need if you want to feel every pebble.

Some shots below of the old-v-new. Before anyone comments I am aware that I wear the heels a ‘bit’ but that is just my running style (the mid-foot is also pretty worn!)

452 miles later - The floor still looks clean!

The outer black sole is worn away

Heel wear - this up-load is getting a bit anoraky

mid-foot wear - yawn

In other news, my daughter broke the space bar on the laptop so this post has taken about 2 hours to type.

And my nephew was 1 yesterday – Happy Birthday Ultan

Ultan looking a bit spaced

Ultan looking a bit spaced


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