Constantly tired and Jean Byrne

Last weeks running was (19th April 2010 – 25th April 2010) – 43.54 miles in 4 runs.

I had more days off than normal because I started running  running in a new pair of shoes (9 miles first run, 20 miles second run) and they didn’t get too much of a break in and rest has been a part of my training that I have been totally ignoring.

20/4/2010 8.01 miles in 1:03:520(7:55min/mile) 147HR avg

21/4/2010 6.41 miles in 50:24:14 (7:52 min/mile) 144HR avg

23/4/2010 9.01 miles in 1:10:25 (7:49min/mile) – 150HR avg – new shoes and sore achilles on RHS

25/4/2010 20.11 miles in 2:41:37 (8:02min/mile) 156HR avg

The last run was the first in the ‘heat’. I was having a terrible time controlling my heart rate with it sitting in the 160s for long periods of time for no increase in pace. It had no impact on fatigue or the ability to complete the run but I felt it the next day in my quads. (The fact that I had just watched the London Marathon might have done that thing that happens to little boys when they come out of the cinema and think they’re superman) The achilles problem from the 23rd had settled down but it had meant that I missed my hills on the saturday.

I have been feeling knackered recently and my tight hip is not getting looser so I have decided to have a ‘cut back’ week (as the serious runners would say) this week. Just a pity I’m not cutting back on the ‘nutrition’ at the same time.  I think I’ll line up a few visits to the physio to have the hip properly stretched and worked on. It happened before (last summer) and is really the sacroiliac joint (spine meets pelvis) and it leads to pains down the  quads.

Two other up-dates:

The house is coming along and now looks like something you could squat in. I am distracted from all quotations for kitchens, fires and doors that are pouring in. We got a quote for a kitchen yesterday that was ‘at my price point’ – i.e. something above milk crates and cardboard boxes and below mahogany dressers. I then made the mistake of saying to my wife that I though it was great that the kitchen decisions were finally coming to an end. She gave me a withering look that made me realise I had miles to go.

The shell is up

Also, as a sign of my age I have starting noticing that one of the TV weather forecasters here in Ireland is a bit of a BDSM MILF. I have been prowling youtube for her and can only find this mild result. Tonight she was wearing a full leather sleeveless dress with a gold zip from neck to knee.

At least I’m not alone – someone has set up a website to track her fusion of fashion and weather forecasting


5 responses to “Constantly tired and Jean Byrne

  1. Are yes the the house is really starting to come on and it reminds me of a second world war machine gun bunker! Cool I like it :]

    will the kitchen be along the same lines?

  2. I knew I was reading too many books about the battles of 44/45 and the advance through the bocage.

    the way my neighbours are dealing with me at the moment I reckon I could mount a Spandau in the bedroom.

    the kitchen won’t be like a machine gun bunker 😉

  3. MILF I get, I have the Subversive Runner as an other half afterall. He may have invented the term MILF O’Clock…..
    But BDSM I had to google it…. no no no take it off my laptop. Do people really do that lol.

    Crackin post. Mrs Mac x

  4. Liking the MILF weather girl….and I know what BDSM means…

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