Intimate with a man

Just a brief up date.

The cutback last week seemed to work as I was able to crank out a 22 miler on Sunday after 7.6 miles of hills on Saturday. The long run included the hills again from the previous day. The 22 miler was the usual sugar low at miles 14/15/16 and then a mental effort to take the next 6 home. I used to do 8 mile laps for these long runs and they were a curse as you went out on the 3rd loop. After a day of rest and teaching hannah how to cycle on monday i was able to do 9 handy miles yesterday at 147 hr for sub-8 min miles. The hip was still tight during all of this but managable

Still, I had booked a visit to the physio for after work today. Chatty i am but i tend to lose focus when i am taking off my socks and pants in front of a man who is reading his records about my tight ass. As I lay on the table in my jocks with another man leaning into me an pressing against my hips I had to remember that I was paying for this – and with my wife’s approval.

Great material for my biography

Still, 24 miles this weekend and then we enter the period where 20 seems short.

4.5 weeks to lots of beer day (marathon)


One response to “Intimate with a man

  1. I’m sure I was intimate with the same guy. Lovely hands!

    The long runs are hotting up nicely. Hope the day is cooler than last year and you’re not tempted to take a short cut when you hit the Marina.

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