Good people make you look good

This is only a brief post and it is mainly about house building and extensions in Cork.

Over the course of the past 4 years as we have endeavoured to get our machine gun bunker house extension built I have had brief and fruitless relationships with a number of different professions:

Planners – mini-Hitlers of the Local Government scene – failed engineers – not enough brains to do hard sums so they did geography with colouring pencils (town planning).

Architects – Hairdressers with pencils. Say no more.

Interior Designers – Bored ladies with a big collection of magazines.

Older Neighbours – Paid up members of the flat earth society.

I’m doing my best not to elaborate on these one-liners. I could do a 1,000 words on each one but I will resist.

After a while you start to realise that there is a bit of the Emperor’s New Clothes about the whole process. At the start you thought that you knew nothing and they knew everything but (as someone who has letters after his name) you soon (but not soon enough) start to realise that expertise is a subjective concept and if it walks like and idiot and talks like an idiot then it is probably an idiot.

By the way, the title of the post refers to my conclusion and not to my experiences to date.

there has been one exception to this general stereotype –

Our builder.

this guy has done more than all of the others combined.  Apart from building the thing (the bit I was expecting) he has:

  • re-designed the internal layout (for the better).
  • advised us on how to reduce the cost of the build.
  • advised us on products, solutions and alternatives.
  • Generally been very helpful, co-operative and supportive.

In short, he is the opposite of everything you have heard about the typical builder. I would give him 11 out of 10.

If I had my time again I’d meet him before I had done anything with architects.

On the running front – a 6.5 miler last night in the rain at 7:30 pace and 148HR avg. I would like a marathon pace at this speed but if it is a hot day you can add a minute a mile to this.


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