Daddy creche

Yesterday I did 18 miles in the 23 degree C heat. It was not sexy but it made me concious of the need to use as much water on me as in me. I got around in 8:16 pace and 149 hr. It felt harder.

If the marathon in 2 weeks is as hot I will be treating it as a fun run. I have done the running too hard in the heat trick before. There is nothing in it for me.

My usual babysitter is on 2 weeks holidays (my mother is on a girl’s holiday in turkey.) so I am on a day off today minding my kids and my niece (3 months old).

So far I have managed to watch timmy time, lazy town, peppa pig and big cook little cook and charge the battery on my motorbike.

This seems to be an easy gig except for the fact that I can’t help but feel like I am minding mentally sub-normal dwarfs (I couldn’t think of a PC-er way of saying it) and I would eventually end up at their level. Probably not a huge journey!

Still they are having cheese crackers and bread sticks for their lunch – all the basic food groups covered there then.


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