Honesty and other concepts?

Tapering is going according to plan:

Racked with guilt and doubt that I should eat more and then 5 seconds later I should eat less; then I should run more, then less.

All going according to plan.

I dreamt last night that I ran the marathon in 3:18 but my watch didn’t work so I was waiting for the official result – the kids woke me before I got to it.

On another front I had to console my 7 year old last Friday when it came to the school sports. She came last in the sack race and it was only today when I downloaded the photographs that I realised why – she was the only one jumping. Just before the race she had gone to the teacher to tell her that her feet were sticking out of the sack – the teacher gave her a new sack and all was well – except she came last.

No place for her in pro-cycling methinks

Dopers at the sack race

In other news my wife came first in the 10m dash (but lost the remaining 90m). She used to be a first team hockey goalie so she has fast reflexes but not the stamina required for the 100m.

Leading from the front!

And finally,

The machine gun bunker is coming along but to the untrained eye nothing has happened since the last up-date. At the moment all the work is inside (my head).

The bunker from which I shall mow down my enemy


One response to “Honesty and other concepts?

  1. It is good to know that there is at least one honest person taking part in sport:]
    I feel strongly your daughter should put in an appeal as going by the offical rules the other contestants should be disqualified for gross misconduct.
    The bunker is a marvel of cocrete engineering and a fine sight for sore eyes, i enclose some Architects plans that will help you put the final touches to your work of art.
    And a nice finishing touch would be a http://www.ima-usa.com/product_info.php/products_id/2968?osCsid=d603902223317c642929ce45cf3f6239

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