Good Ship Venus

I was just reviewing the top search for my blog for the past week and the second most popular search term was ‘gay gigolo antwerp’.

Am I going in the right direction with this blog?

I’m not sure but this post isn’t going to raise the tone in any way, shape or form.

Last week I was engaged in a long and deep conversation with a colleague in Dublin about the future policy direction of water services delivery in Ireland (my day job) and as we reached a discussion cul-de-sac my fellow civil servant said:

‘fuck it, I’m just trying to keep the Good Ship Venus off the rocks’.

to which I replied:

‘Who’s Mabel?’

And we both laughed

Metaphor for Ireland?

You decide

Or this version:

Just so you know my other thoughts are about running I was out for a 10miler last night and I realised that it is a great running song…


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