6 months of running or workers and coasters

the first 6 months of running are over for 2010.

I have ‘logged’ (a running term for ‘run’) 870 miles.

This is down from this time last year where I had run 1,020 miles.

That said, I had trained for 2 marathons in the first 6 months of 2009.

Am I happy with that?

All things considered I’m pretty pleased. I’d be at my happiest if I could log a consistent 150-175 miles a month but I’d also be single, living in a bedsit and sleeping in my running gear.

I’ve also realised that there are 2 types of people in the world:

workers and coasters.

When I say I realised this, I’ve known it for a long time  but I generally applied it to things like exams and work as opposed to running.

My problem is that, by nature, I’m a coaster. I rely on natural ability to do my best as opposed to hard work. I couple this with pre-performance conditioning to always deliver the goods.

For example – You’re doing an exam, you’ve done as much study and revision as your monkey brain will tolerate and then you rely on your photographic memory do do well in the exam. Before you go into the exam you tell everybody around you that you are shitting it and hope to scrape a pass. then when you get a B everybody is impressed with your hard work. Only you know that you could have gotten an A if you’d actually studied properly instead of watching daytime TV.

I have a brother who is a worker. He eats the books, stays late at work and generally pays attention. All I can think is that he’s missing all the great things going on in life.

The problem with running is that there is little place for coasters and given my lack of natural ability I need to be a worker. This may be the start of me realising that joining a club might help me.

Here’s an example of what I mean: I’m out on a long run in the build up for a marathon, say an 18 miler, at about mile 8 I stop for a piss and a drink. I spot a big bramble bush full of ripe blackberries. Do I push on with the run? Do I focus on the impending pain? Do I make sure my heart rate doesn’t drop below 120?

do I fuck.

I eat all the blackberries. Life is too short.

The photograph is of the diving platform at Salthill in Galway City.

this was a 06:30 swim on a weekday morning.

Lots of people say lots of things (mainly good) about Galway.

this is my comment:

Last year I was at this diving platform at about 6 in the morning when a girl (a girl is anyone younger than me – she was about 25 – 30) came jogging up to the diving platform.

She takes off her runners, her running top and walks out onto the diving platform. She dives into the Atlantic and swims out a couple of hundred meters and then swims back, climbs out, puts back on her running gear and runs off. Nobody (except me) thought that that was strange.

That doesn’t happen in most other city centres


One response to “6 months of running or workers and coasters

  1. You have a LONG way to go to reach the coasting abilities of a certain Pirate runner 😉
    Life is indeed too short. I’ve blogged about something similar today.

    Mrs Mac

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