8 on the 8th

Not a running term or anything of the sort.

the running recently has been shoddy. A combination of a hectic work/life balance (pre-holiday panic), a sore ‘good’ leg and a bit of a cold over the weekend (14 hours sleep on Friday night!) have seen the mileage nose dive.

No, this post is about someone very special. This day 8 years ago I thought I had invented children.

I had that special feeling you get when you become a parent for the first time. I bought all the newspapers for the 8th July 2002 and stayed awake for 2 days straight.

I had become a dad.

I remember when she was 1 day old the Obstratician joked with my wife that that was the first sleepless night done, now only 9,999 to go. We all laughed.

The fucker was telling the truth.


Happy Birthday Pia

Someone who always reminds me that there must be some good in me (somewhere).


One response to “8 on the 8th

  1. Happy Birthday to Pia.x

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