War driving in italy.

The recent enforced bloging silence is due to the annual family holiday to Italy. The holiday is going great and the running is ticking over (hills and LSR’s) in the blistering heat. I like running in the cold so a hill session (9 switchbacks) in 38 degrees is a test for me!

The lack of wifi is a problem, as is spending 21 days with my kids. My wife has decided to use the holiday as the time to wean them off TV. It’s like living with 3 crack addicts going cold turkey.

She is also covering them in factor 30 and dressing them in gimp suits and flotation waist coats at the pool. They will never forgive her. I am thinking of withholding the holiday sex from the wife as I am mortified by them at the pool. All they’re missing is the rubber stockings and the look would be complete.

I’m sucking this wifi from a shopping mall. The wifi may be free but the amount I’ve had to spend on pizzas to type this is brutal…….but the pizzas are tasty.

War driving is the nerd term for sucking free wifi. It could also describe my drive from cork to Italy with 3 kids.


One response to “War driving in italy.

  1. Glad to hear the holiday’s going well mate. Thanks for the post card. A pic will appear on my blog soon.

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