Answers on a postcard

I’m back from my holidays (being in close confines to your off-spring and spouse for 3 weeks)

There will follow a series of  short holiday related blogs. Some about running but most about other stuff.

I like to think that Europe is a singe homogeneous cultural mass held together by poor fashion choices and alcohol (that might just be a description of me, though).

I spotted this advert in the window of a health food shop in a town in Italy called Faenza.

Health food shops in Ireland are normally for people with an obsession with their digestive health.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand what this advert is for (apart from tits) – you can take it that my Italian is non-existent.

Does it make you nipples errect?

single use only?

Answers on a postcard

Does that logo in the bottom right hand corner say ‘not tested on animals’?


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