No internet

On the way home from Italy I did the usual stop in the Decathlon store. I bought useful stuff – physio tape, mosquito bands for the kids, €1 fleeces for the kids (that was the wife really) and not so useful stuff – a set of sporks. They’re not a spoon, not a fork but both!

I also picked up a new pair of marathon shorts for myself- basically sensible shorts with plenty of pockets for gels. The old ones were starting to look a bit tatty.

I went for my first run in them tonight on the way home from work. Straight away something felt strange about them.

I would refer you to a 2001 simpsons episode called the ‘blunder years’ where a 12 year old homer, lenny, carl and moe discover the corpse of waylon smither’s father.

Just prior to this discover the conversation goes like this:

Young Carl: Have you heard about this Internet thing?
Young Lenny: Internet?
Young Carl: Yeah, its the inner netting they invented to line swim trunks. It provides a comforting snugness.

After the discovery Moe says: I’ve just logged onto the Internet.

Well, either the French like free balling or the Internet is broken.

Is it just me or are you supposed to buy running underpants as well?


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