Mr. 10 percent

my ‘Italian’ running consisted of 2 types of runs:

Up at some ridiculous crack of dawn time for a long-(ish) run ranging from 6 – 16 miles.

Anybody who knows my form will know that I believe that on the 7th day God god did not just rest but he invented the duvet.

And, apart from that, on these early runs I normally had a bit of a hangover ( a big bit) and stiff legs.

The alternative was to do a shorter hill session at the end of the day (in the gap between coming back from the pool and before heading out for beer/wine/pizza).

The problem with this type of run (apart from the hill) was the temperature – about 38 Deg C.

It was like running up a very steep hill with a hair dryer blowing into your mouth.

The Hills

I was going to insert the photograph of the sign that said 18% but having run the 10% hills I saw the limit of my abilities (and Mr. 10% sounds better than Mr. 18%)

Still, the view at the top of the hill was great:

Italian sunset


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