Not a reference to the ice-cream but something we came across on holidays.

There was a ‘romantic’ festival in the village we stay in on one of the Saturday nights.

My eldest kid asked me what romance was and I told her:

It’s what mums and dads had before the kids were born.

Anyway, they had all sorts of things associated with romance – the following photos should give you the idea.

swings by moonlight

random crowd girl

watersports for the romantics

Birmingham small arms

Some of these images (like the BSA bicycle) are not that romantic but there was a fair dose of nostalgia ladled on as well.

On the running front I’m on the cusp of starting on a another 3 months of marathon training. The Dublin Marathon is about 11 or 12 weeks away so I’ll need to start on the LSRs in a serious way soon. I did a 14 and 16 miler while I was on holidays so if I keep that up I’ll be able to have a reasonable day out in October.


2 responses to “Romantica

  1. Just catching up on your holiday exploits. I think the advert is for an anti-ageing cream. You too can look this good at 70. The first return to LSR’s is a pain in the butt. Enjoy.

    • The long run last night didn’t go as expected! A week of low nutrition took it’s toll and I bailed out just before 7 miles. 3 weeks of bread sticks, pasta, pizza, beer and wine meant that the LSRs on holidays went well, despite the heat, – loads of fuel in the tank. Now it’s porridge and a cheese sandwich as fuel for a LSR – need to put more fuel in the tank!

      Congrats on the Tri win!

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