Begin again

After a few months of running, eating and drinking for fun I’ve been getting more and more worried that everyone else is onto week 10 of a 20 week marathon training programme while I’m replaying my last marathon in my head like the closing credits of a movie I hope will never end.

This is coupled with people tweeting with stuff like:

‘did 8 miles at 7:15 pace and felt great’

(my tweet would be something like – did 7 miles at 8:15 pace and felt shite)

Anyway, I started this week by focusing a bit more on nutrition (eating my lunch) and getting in a structured set of runs. The long one (relatively speaking at this stage), the recovery one, the MP run, the heart rate zone stuff, the hill run, etc.

Just in case you’re getting impressed with me I haven’t actually done many of these yet, but like anybody about to fail an exam, you’re halfway there once you have a plan!

I downloaded the data from the Garmin this morning – something that happens about once every 2 months – and it confirmed what I had suspected – the current shoes – New Balance 1064s (second pair) are at the end of their lives.

They have 485 miles up on them and what I was mistaking for old age and worn out limbs is just shoes that need to be changed. Uncharacteristically I invested in a new pair about a month ago so I’ll do the photo comparison between the second pair and the third pair in the next post.

While this is a bit of an anorak thing to do, from my blog stats it seems to be popular.

In other news the 2 year old boy (Tom) has started toilet training.

This basically involves one step forward and five steps back (for steps back read pissy underpants).

Still, he had success last night of both fronts – but judging by the size of the pebble he dropped he is either a rabbit or a sheep.

Ferrari 375 and Tom


2 responses to “Begin again

  1. I read how often you change your shoes and alarm bells ring. This is why my knees are fecked…this is why my hip hurts…this is why my ankle put me out for over a month in the spring. I never record my runs or distance (other than in Subversive Running) and replace my shoes only when I have an unexpected wind fall, which averages about every 18 months. I’ve just discovered that the Fire Brigade Authority are to sack me, and the rest of the work force, and offer us new contracts to return to work. My shoes might just have to last three feckin’ years now!!

    • The only reason I change my shoes so oftrn is because of my shit biomechanics and the fact that I can get them for about €85 and 2 trips to the physio is €80.

      Over here we’ve just had an 18% paycut so I buy the shoes out of the children’s allowance money – they’ll thank me in the future.

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