New Balance 1064 – pair 2

Well, an anorak post that every runner will identify with –

the review of some kit.

I have a few other posts about my choice of running shoes that can be found here and here.

I’ve finished with my second pair of New Balance 1064s after 485 miles. They probably had more miles in them but the combination of my running ‘style’ (or lack thereof), my ability to get injured by just thinking about running and the start of sore knees had me retiring the second pair of these shoes.

These ones have done a build up to a marathon (plenty of long runs), a 3:25 marathon and a few weeks of running in Italy (air temperatures up to 38 deg C, road temperatures hotter).

My overall summary of this version of the 106X series is that they are the best shoe since the 1061.

They are marketed as neutral cushioned shoes (for the runner with a big frame) but I use them because after several years of running in ‘motion control’ shoes I realised that I didn’t need them – in fact they were adding to my injuries. Every running shop I went to (Cork, Dublin, New York, London) always looked at your feet and went ‘hmmmm……….motion control shoes’

I use these shoes with an off-the-shelf in-sole (usually a ‘superfeet’ green insole) which will give you all the arch support and heel stabilisation you need. This, coupled with a cushioned shoe (the New Balance in my case) allowed me to go from being able to run every second day to being able to put in 10 miles every day (provided I had the nutrition and the motivation to do so – in case you think I am some sort of ultra runner).

Anyway, the following shoes show how much heel wear I put on the shoes (I’ve done the Chi running course and this is just how I roll).

Anyway – the gallery:

L-R Pair 1 - 450miles, Pair 2-485 miles, Pair 3-0 miles

To be fair the first pair are now the walking around shoes.

L-R pair 1, pair 2 & pair 3

485 miles of dragging my heels!

Pair 3 - 0 miles

One of the things I like about these shoes is that the cushioning goes around the same time as the outer sole wears away. This means that the shoes reach the end of their useful running life at the right time. The last shoe in this series (the 1063) had the outer sole worn out between 200 and 300 miles.

The next post will be less of an anorak post.


3 responses to “New Balance 1064 – pair 2

  1. The worn heals look like the Mizuno Wave Inspires that I bought at the end of May. I put 75 miles on them on the WHW alone. With all my training that must add up to almost 90 miles!

  2. So you like them so much you went for another pair. I’m liking mine a lot after going from Adidas Glide 2 which I felt were just too heavy and it didn’t matter how I tied the laces they always made my feet fall asleep.

    Nince to see the pair well used, I’ve never had shoes as well built as these and the inside of them is plush deluxe!!


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