Camping in West Cork

I know it looks like I haven’t posted on the taxi in 10 days but that is not technically true.

I had a post sent to the blog on the internet last Sunday but the internet didn’t do it’s job so the post never appeared….and it was a good one as well (by my standards).

Basically, after nearly 10 years of marriage, and dating for 20 years (slow developer, I am) I finally convinced my wife to go camping.

In Ireland.

In the rain.

In a field.

The fact that the youngest camper was 5 months old took the wind out of her argument about camping being the work of the devil.

This was a bit of a family event with my sisters and brother drinking sleeping in a field.

I could add something here about getting up early to crank out a few steady miles while camping but I have never lied so blatantly on the blog so I won’t start here.

Some photos:

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to wash we go!

Waking at 06:00 leads to a lonely breakfast

Toasting marshmallows

taking a break from toasting marshmallows

Sometimes the sun shines in west Cork - sometimes!

This shot is taken at a place called white strand or Garinish beach. It is directly across from a place called Ahillies. If you google map it you’ll see where it is.

I eat little children

This is a man who we call Darren. He is cultivating a ‘wild man’ beard – a long way to go young man!

You can judge his parenting skills by the way he has let his 1-year old daughter run ferral and naked on the beach in the background.

Anyone fancy a swim?

This is one of several interesting signs at the Dursey Island Cable Car. I think the cable car is run by Italians – it shuts from 11:00 – 14:30 each day.

Interestingly, it is licensed to carry 3 people and 1 cow. Shit you never knew.


3 responses to “Camping in West Cork

  1. My blog is no more but I am still alive and reading yours!!!

  2. I can at least say that I studied at the feet of the master (for that read – wasted hours of my life and my employer’s time reading your blog).

    If you do write a book I’ll buy at least 2 copies – I swear.

  3. How could I ever compete in the blog world against such a magnificently titled blog as your own? You were foremost in my undoing!!!

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