Search terms?

A BDSM-style collar that buckles in the back. ...

It's all about the running, right?

Just a quick post –

As part of the excellent service provided by I get to see all the top search terms that allow people to find my blog.

Now, I do as good a job as I can making sure the posts are categorised correctly and my default category is ‘running’ so I was expecting the top search terms to be things like ‘marathon’, ‘New Balance’, ‘running’ and so on.

But no.

I won’t tell you exactly what the top search term is as you’ll (all 4 of you) be scrambling for the ‘mature content’ button on the top of the blog but as a man who has seen most things in life I was suprised at what I discovered.

If I type what it was it’ll probably attract more hits on the blog (good for my stats, bad for my target audience).

All I’ll say it was a combination of DIY carpentry and BDSM – if you were an armless waitress it was the ideal invention.

I have made sure this post is categorised under ‘running’


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