Urban Search and Rescue

The other title of this post should read ‘-or a big piss-up’ but what that would do to my search terms is anybodies guess.

firstly, I woke this morning for a 7.6 mile set of hills and thought of Thomas who was about to embark on a 50 mile ultra in Dingle. I hope it went well for him, god knows he trains enough.

Anybody who watched TV in the last 20 years will have remembered the ads by Royal Mail that went ‘I saw this and thought of you’ – generally it was something like socks bought by a granny for her grandson as opposed to a block of hash sent back from Amsterdam by your buddies.

Anyway, one of the best blogs about running has recently gone on a sabbatical (I’m hoping that it is a sabbatical and not an abandonment) but this post is dedicated to him. His blog proved that running blogs don’t have to be about intervals and injuries.

In fact, they don’t have to be about running at all.

Anyway, in his spare time, this runner earns a crust by dressing up in funny clothes and playing with heavy lifting equipment while nursing a hangover.

He’s a fireman.

The dream job of every man-boy.

While cycling home from work the other day I saw what looked like the set of a cheap B-movie – loads of crashed cars and catering lorries.

On closer inspection I spotted fire service incident lorries from Nottinghamshire and other places east of Cork. This, coupled with the large number of man-boys on a 3-day pass from home (you know the look) made me realise this must be an Urban Search and Rescue Training event.

Carparking Cork Style

The man-boys dress up

That grey boat in the background is 30% of the Irish Navy


4 responses to “Urban Search and Rescue

  1. I like Corke’s parking Strategy, it kind of saves on space!!!
    And why do the best blogs only have a handful of followers?

  2. Dingle was great, thanks for thinking about me!

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