A good solid week

For anybody who doesn’t run, this is going to be pretty boring.

It’ll be boring for runners as well but you’ll at least identify with it.

I’ve just had a good solid week of running clocking 50 miles over 6 runs.

For non-runners ‘solid’ means I can hardly walk and might have a touch of a sore throat but I have the mental strength of superman.

Apart from a 7.5 miler on Saturday morning which tested my relationship with the duvet the real test came last night.

Yesterday was a day of October/November driving rain and howling winds. I didn’t get the green light to head out the door until 20:30. As I closed the door I called back that I’d be home within the hour or 18 miles later (2.5 hours).

I stood under the garage waiting for Garmin to find his satellites and ate a crunchie (not a great day of nutrition) and thought that if I’m getting this wet before I’ve started I’ll be back within the hour.

The long and the short of it was I rocked back up home at around 23:15 soaked to the bone having run 18 miles all over the city including knocking out 4 miles of countryside hills (God bless the head torch). This took about 2:30hrs with the slightly longer time being due to piss stops and buying an energy drink at a petrol station.

Anyone who trains long always has one or two of these runs that can be banked and drawn on for the last 10k of a marathon when you start to feel seelf pity.

In un-related news the kids went back to school a week late today. Their school was part of TB scare locally so they go an extra week of holidays while everyone was tested (they were fine – my two).

It was Hannah’s first day of primary school today- I am thinking of selling the photos to Hello magazine but I may just post them here later.


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