Day one


Day one is over, only 18 more years to go (assuming she goes on to become a subsidised waster in university)

Well done Hannah but don’t forget,

Behind every well turned out student is a back room team of mums and dads and grannies and granddads.

Day one

Tom - making sure it doesn't fall off!

See those shoes on Pia- I polished them last night after an 18 mile run

Hannah 'smiling' with her cousin Michael (she's tall for a 4 year old)

In other news I renewed my classic car insurance to day for €210 fully comp. Sometimes old is good.


2 responses to “Day one

  1. It was strange bringing Adam to the nursery the other day for his first day “back at school”. They moved from small building to the boy’s school in Blarney and we walked through the school with an enthusiastic little boy.

    Meanwhile my mind drifted back to my own early days in school, holding my Dad’s hand while walking up the cobbled and dimly lit corridor..

    I hope Hannah enjoyed her first day at school?

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