My good turn

Just to balance your view of me as an apple stealing scumbag here is a story from my more recent past (for recent read yesterday).

I was out for the 8 miles of hills yesterday morning at 07:00hrs – a time reserved for those who hate the duvet (I am so out of my element at that time of day). The cold wind and dark climb out of bed at 06:00hrs were the real test.

Anyway, about 3 miles into the run I spotted something unusual at the side of the road – this is the middle of the countryside, just me and the cows –

It was an iPhone. The case was a bit cracked and the protective cover was lying a few yards away. Apart from that, it seemed to be working (I have a nokia brick) but was password protected.

I had visions of someone losing it out the window of a taxi cab late at night while suffering from a bit of nasal congestion (the last bit is a local in-joke in Ireland).

Anyway, having suffered from the hassle of a lost phone myself I decided to take it with me and drop it into the local Garda station after the run.

About a mile later the phone rings with the word ‘Dad’ coming up on it. There was obvious relief in the voice on the other end. We arranged to meet at 08:30 and I ran on the rest of my hills.

I made it back to the car well before 08:30 and was starting to get a bit cold waiting around. Still, ‘Dad’ rocked up with the phone’s owner – A young fella of about 8 or 9 – I got my first radio when I was 15 and I still don’t have an iPhone (i.e. I am becoming the Luddite dinosaur I always dreaded).

Off I went with the warm glow you get from doing the right thing.

I got a few texts from ‘Mum’ later in the morning – It turns out she’s a very good local runner who is a member of Leevale AC and a friend of Grellan – Nollaig Hunter.

Today, Cork won the All Ireland senior football championship (for the first time in 20 years) and my 2 year old son did his first shit in his potty.

Unrelated to my good turn?

I think not.

On the running front I finished a steady week with 6 runs totalling 54 miles with a 22 miler today. For steady read I am exhausted and I am considering what is known as a ‘cutback week’.

We’ll see on Tuesday when the next run is scheduled.

Also, on the running front I have started to drink beetroot juice as it is supposed to be good for endurance.

the jury’s out on that but it does amazing things to your piss.


5 responses to “My good turn

  1. Nollaig is with Leevale AC, unles she converted?. Still a good deed that should last a few years.

    It’s those cold wet runs in the early morning hours that have you staring into the depths of your soul.

    C’mon the Rebels

  2. Of course an unkind soul could argue you gave the thing back only because it was password protected.

  3. The beetroot juice also colours your ‘number twos.’ Gillian McKeith would love it!

    I just finished the 41 mile River Ayr Way Race/Challenge for a pb (8:14) on an average on 4.5 miles a week training over 3 months. I’ve found the formula…minimalism in the training field mixed with an excess of ambition.

    Get in!!

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