Towels or knickers

While I was out the back garden yesterday I had one of my ‘special’ Zen moments.  I saw past the white noise that blurs our lives and I saw another room in my soul.

Or something like that.

When I agree to hang out the washing on the line my wife thinks this is the same task day in day out but I know different.

In my house you get the same reward whether you are hanging out a full line of towels and shirts or a full line of knickers and socks.

For all those who either use tumble dryers or have the benefit of a traditional marriage and still can’t work the washing machine I’ll elaborate.

If you have a 50 foot clothes line and your wife gives you a full load of washing to hang out you hope it is towels and shirts. These loads are ‘line intensive’ and the full load will normally only have 8 or 10 bits of clothes in it.Easily done.

If you have 3 small children and your wife gives you the same load of washing it could have hundreds of pairs of knickers and tiny socks in it. This is the purgatory of washing loads. It involves brain surgeon dexterity and a lot of bending, lifting and holding. You get no thanks for this in my house.

And so, to my Zen point:

Sometime the same task from the outside can look the same to an observer but to you it can be either towels or knickers.

If you’re a runner and have read through all of this you’ll (hopefully) have made the link to our shared hobby/passion/obsession (delete as appropriate). If not just read through it again a bit more slowly.

On the running front my good knee is a bit sore and I’ve had a niggling sore throat for about a week so I’ve had a ‘cut-back’ week. If the knee is still sore next week we’ll have to see about the Dublin Marathon. If it is a non-runner (or if I’m a non-runner) then at least there is a rural marathon here in December.

The next post will be about changing the rear brake callipers on a W108 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE.

Bring it on!


3 responses to “Towels or knickers

  1. *head scratch* Let me think that one through once more. The knickers are the marathon, I presume. Well, that figures. My pants always need a wash after I’ve run a marathon in them. That’s what your post was all about, wasn’t it?

  2. Throw the knickers (and socks) in the dryer and keep the line for the big items. With 4 kids I have plenty of both and a limited line space. Perhaps you could get your wife to change the brake callipers, tell it’s just like changing a tyre – then again…….

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