Dublin city Marathon quick summary

I’m back home after 170 miles of driving,

4 hours shopping in Ikea with 3 children


the 2010 Dublin City Marathon.

And in reverse order.

I’ll do the detailed race post later in the week once I get a chance (the beer is chilling in the fridge as I type)

Here are the highlights:

First 8 miles 1:00:00

Halfway – 1:38:xx

16 miles 1:59:00

20 miles 2:28:28

24 miles 3:00:00

26.2 miles – 3:18:18

The Garmin had me down for 26:38 miles. (7:31 min/miles)

I’ll do the mile by mile later and the pre-race and post race build up.

For the support of my wife and kids I’m thankful but the trip to Ikea afterwards was not something I had fully bargained for.



8 responses to “Dublin city Marathon quick summary

  1. 2 marathons in 1 day ! well done again. seems like pretty even splits – despite the last few miles! looking forward to the blow by blow

  2. Good to talk to you before the start and even better not to catch up with you during the marathon. Just call the Ikea trip a cool-down.

  3. London Based Pirate

    Cracking time. 7:31 min miles- superb.

  4. Great result Richard. Well done. The Ikea trip is active recovery – you’ll be thankful today.

  5. Nice work Richard.
    I think yer Mrs. totally deserved a visit to ~Ikea. All this support lark deserves a reward 😉

  6. Good Job Richard.
    Yes cracking time , old bean! Pip pip! Looking forward to the report.

  7. Stuart Rittschof

    Great job Richard! You’re my hero! What with 3 kids, wife, job AND a house extension. Superhuman man, superhuman…

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