The Land of Macardles

The running first –

Not much happening. I have fairly tight hips which are leading to general pains and tightness in my abdominals and upper quads. I knew this was going to happen in the build up to the marathon so I’ll just take it easy for the next month.

This will coincide with my lack of drive to train for anything in particular at the moment. Currently my running consists of anything from 4 to 8 miles with me stopping mid-way through and wondering what this running lark is all about.

Natural cycle of things, I suppose.

In other news I had a weekend in the sunny south east with my family in the weekend just gone. These family events are a joy and a stress fest in equal measure. I spent my time trying to strike the balance between sneaky pints late at night with the brothers and the brothers-in-law, sitting in the hotel pool (the shallow end) soaking with the kids and making sure I am getting ‘good husband’ vibes from my nearest and dearest. I was able to get 2 out of 3 of these right most of the time. I think it was the drinking pint bottles in the pool late at night with my kids that was my downfall. I think.

Which one runs marathons?

I did discover an old man’s drink to make pint bottles of Guinness look like a recently arrived alco-pop.

The pint bottle of Macardles.

Pint bottle, as they say in Wexford

This is only available on the eastern seaboard of Ireland and I last saw it in a pub in the 1970’s (I would have been the little pup sitting in the corner eating a bag of Tayto and sucking on a bottle of Tanora – local delicacies to those who live outside Cork)

I would say it generally tastes like old man’s beer but after a few pints everything tastes nice.

We also went to Curracloe Beach for a bit of a standing about in the winter rain event. Apart from being stunningly beautiful this was where the beach scene at the start of Saving Private Ryan was filmed. Don’t confuse this with Shaving Ryan’s Privates – a totally different genre of film.

I will see you on the beach! Some of them were just children!


Say cheese









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