Santa time

I can now no longer use the recovery from the last marathon for my ‘gentle’ approach to running. I am still averaging about 28 miles a week but this is made up of 7 easy 4 milers on the flat as opposed to a few speed sessions, a bit of hill work and a nice handy 12 mile endurance run.

I was tempted to enter the Marcoathon but then I realised that I have the perfect excuse – I have to get the kids and their mum back into the real house before Christmas.

For those of you who are new to this blog or who just have a bad memory I am in the middle of a 6 month house extension that started last January……………….I know, the sums aren’t adding up – in more ways than one.

Anyway, the end is nigh, as the sandwich board man used to say, and it looks like we could be eating beans on toast in the house in 3 weeks time. That is dependant on a 12 page list of jobs that have to be completed in the next 3 weeks (I’m writing this blog post as a distraction from the 12 page list).

the mad push for this ‘get in before Christmas’ is the main reason why I know I won’t be able to run every day in December and why I know I won’t get into real training until the new year (I hope). Still, as long as I can keep the fat off myself until then I don’t mind.

As a distraction from all the doom and gloom of our world I present to you now my kids’ letters to Santa Claus.

the 8 year old:

Dear Santa

this year I would like a Playmobile Camper Van and a Lego City House and if you can fit it in a small surprise….and thank you for last year’s presents.

Happy Christmas,


She is either aiming low and hoping to score high or we are talking about the recession too much around her!

The 4 year old:

Dear Santa,

My name is Hannah Cronin and I’m nearly 5 years old. I’m trying to be good all the time and I would like a real pink camera and some surprises. I would also like a princess phone that flips open. I’ll try and be good for my mum and dad.

Love Hannah

The hand of the mother is apparent here but she does like being bold….allot


Now the 2 year old:

Dear Santa,

My name is Tom Cronin and I’m nearly 3 years old. For Christmas I would like a buzz lightyear, some fireman Dave Sam stuff and some surprises. I’m a good boy and I promise to learn to wee in the potty and promise not to bite my friends.



I think what he really wanted to say was: I want loads of fireman sam stuff and I want to be able to sit around all day long watching telly with no pants on….and I wish my mum would stop telling me it ‘will fall off’ if I touch it.

He’s started getting up in the morning and the first thing he says is : ‘It didn’t fall off!’ I think even the wife realises that she is pestering him too much about it. I’ve told her that the only thing separating me from him is 37 years and the fact that I notice the  weird looks if I sit around all day with no pants on.


Anyway, – expect some boring house snag list posts.



3 responses to “Santa time

  1. London Based Pirate

    If you ain’t in your house by Christmas I want you to change your name to Petrocelli 😉

  2. You really need to be having a look at this.
    Given that they have done Santa letters they are going to LOVE this.

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