Nearly there

Nearly there on the extension.

Lots happened between May and November. I just didn’t have any good photographs of them.

Feb 2010

March 2010

April 10

May 2010

November 2010


6 responses to “Nearly there

  1. I liked the early gun bunker look! But i’m sure your missis likes the new look :]

  2. looks like you doubled the size of your house….some extension!!!

    • Well guessed. doubled the house, tripled the mortgage. Astute move as we enter the most gripping financial winter of our lives……not. the minimalist look will be due to lack of money as opposed to the design style.

  3. I can’t even knock a nail into the wall without the plaster falling down, shit I’m impressed with what you have done!

  4. Looks well.

    Is the basement pour les enfants ?

    • The basement will be for whoever needs to escape from the family. I think we’ll just move in and ‘see what happens’. It’s got TV points so it can be used as a den if needed.

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