Mile 25

My ‘get into the house for Christmas’ ordeal is almost crushing me. Almost

To give you a bit of perspective, if you have run a marathon you know the deals you do with yourself at mile 25 so you’ll keep running and finish.

As you complete mile 25 and start on the last mile of a marathon you start to believe that time (and distance) are elastic concepts and they are being stretched beyond belief. No matter how hard you push nothing seems to be moving.

You also see reality head up the road after time and distance. Surreal things happen to you in a marathon where you notice the most ridiculous detail but can’t remember your own date of birth. I’m at the stage where  vast sums of cash flow through your fingers and you become an expert on everything from shower tanking, male to female couplers, the difference between teak oil and Danish oil, warm air ducts, floor boxes and on and on and on.

As an example of the distraction, I gave the builder a list of things that had popped into my head the other day that needed to be done in every room so it could be lived in – y’know, stuff like install extractor fan, hang towel rail, test heating……………………….the list ran to 12 pages.  It was just stuff I could think of – not everything.

I was in the brother’s house over the weekend. He has a Christmas tree – is it really that time?

It was going to be one of those move back in jobs where everything was done. All the carpets laid, the walls painted, the built-ins completed and Ikea owning a large chunk of my money.

Now it’ll be 5 beds, a bag of clothes each and some food!


And I might change to the Orthodox Christian calendar (6th January)




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